Hotels of Miami, Florida Reviewed Including the Four Seasons and Hotel Urbano

Miami Florida: A great, and popular, holiday spot is Miami. Here is an idea of hotels available in the area. Hotel Urbano of Miami, Florida: This hotel has a great location and is a retro Miami gem. The art work alone is just wonderful, throughout this hotel. This is a great clean hotel that will earn a special place in your heart once you have been. The rooms are large and well decorated.

The pool area has a selection of lounge chairs, for you to use, and they have a fire pit that just adds color and warmth to the whole experience. The pool area has to be one of the best features, it is wonderful. The staff are always keen to help and although you have to pay for breakfast it is good. It is not near enough to walk to many places, but if you have a car then there is not that problem.

The rooms have a large flat screen television, and all rooms have a small fridge. The food is just top and a must try. Miami can be a hectic place, and it is nice to fall back to a reasonably quite hotel that offers you beauty and peace.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami: This hotel is the sort of hotel that just keeps you captivated. You can spend all day by the pool and not need to go to the beach. The pool area is beautiful and set out to be green and restful. There are also fitness facilities. You get a great view of the bay, from some rooms. The hotel starts on the seventh floor!

The service you get is just that bit more special, but you are about fifteen minutes from the real action. The rooms are clean and tidy, and the staff remember your name and say hello when they see you. There are 221 guest rooms that include 39 suites. All rooms have the marble bathrooms, and this adds a touch of luxury for your stay. Rooms have a fridge, private bar, television, and DVD player.

They all have high speed internet as well. Nearby you can organize deep sea fishing, or sailing lessons. There is the Crandon Park Golf Course for you to try, overlooking Biscayne Bay. If you like tennis, just fifteen minutes’ walk away, there is the Brickell Tennis Club. Overall there are lots of high quality hotels in Miami, Florida.

Improve Blurry Vision With These Healthy Foods For Better Eyesight

There are many different factors that influence the quality of our vision health. Some of these factors can lead to poor eyesight. These include physical stress related to excessive close up work at the computer. Other factors include stress related to mental and emotional factors and finally eyesight issues associated with the poor quality of our diet. When it comes to diet, due to the fact that nutrition and eye health are connected, it is important that we avoid certain foods as these can contribute to the problem of blurry vision. Therefore, here are some foods you should avoid if you want to improve your vision. Additionally, here are some nutritional recommendations for better vision health:

You should limit foods in your diet that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Foods that are high in saturated fat can cause a spike in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This can have a negative effect on blood circulation to the blood vessels of the eyes. This is a contributing factor to blurry vision. Some examples of foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol include fast foods, many meats such as luncheon meats, processed poultry, bologna, ham,salami, bacon, steaks, and pastrami to name a few. These are also foods that are high in sodium that can cause a compromise in blood circulation levels to the bloods vessels of the eyes. This is also one of the contributing factors to blurry eyesight. You can replace saturated food sources with healthy meat sources lower in saturated fat, but higher in the good healthy omega 3 fatty acid sources such as chicken liver, fish and salmon.

Additional foods that you should limit significantly to improve blurry vision, includes condiments, garnishes, and other high sodium foods such as canned beans and sauerkraut. Take for instance, according to a Colorado State University report, 1 cup of canned corn consists of 384 mg of sodium and 1 can of canned soup consists of about 850 mg of sodium.

To improve blurry vision you can limit your consumption of cheeses. For example, 1 ounce of American cheese consists of about 406 mg of sodium. Instead, you can replace this type of cheese with other cheeses with lower sources of sodium such as Swiss cheese and Mozzarella Cheese.

Also, limit salty snacks such as nuts, pretzels, tortilla chips and potato chips. You can replace salted nuts with unsalted nuts. To improve blurry vision, Instead of reaching for the potato chips, snack on foods that are good for your eyes such as apples, plums, blueberries and strawberries.

Pay careful attention to the foods that are touted as health foods but still consist of high levels of fat. Take for example coconut oil is considered a healthy food, however, it possesses an alarmingly high level of saturated fat. The saturated fat content in coconut oil is 91%. It surpasses even butter which is ranked at about 68% in saturated fat.

A variety of factors contribute to the onset of blurry vision. These factors are related to a diet that is high in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Considering the fact that these dietary factors play a negative role in influencing eye health, the best way to correct eyesight problems related to blurry vision is to make wise food choices. These include lowering your consumption of fat, sodium and cholesterol foods and replacing bad foods with healthier vision foods in your diet. By making these smart food choices you can do the things that you need to do to improve your vision naturally and correct blurry eyesight.

The Best Summer Destination – The Tahiti Island

The winter has waved off and the summer is welcoming now. No one sounds to be cheering up at this welcome. Odorous sweating is something unbearable as well as the biting sunshine. The summer is really enjoyable I think. What you need is just to know how to enjoy and where to enjoy. The globe is filled with many sparkling islands that welcome you in the summer with the cool sea breeze and beautiful rainfall. The experience of new nature and its beauty is just waiting for you there. Awesome species of animals and birds would surprise you with their appearance. The summer destination you choose must be an island if you want to enjoy at the maximum. The experience, I had, was the best and the time I passed was a time in Tahiti. So the heaven I selected as my best summer destination is the Tahiti Island, the most beautiful island on earth.

I can’t help myself telling you how much fun I had there with my beautiful and ever sexy girlfriend. That experience of bathing and surfing on the sea waves was tremendous and I can pay as much for that as I can. The marvelous experience was riding the jet skis. Enjoying the old Champagne in the cottage at the sea was the best part of the trip I had. I must say that I would love to be there for ever and ever. How can you imagine leaving the Tahiti? The Tahiti was an inseparable seduction. I am a bit surprised why the whole world does not resort to this appealing paradise.

Tahiti is not any away from the modern world and its enjoyments. Casinos are one of the main attractions of the Tahiti. You have to go with your luck as you can’t hold yourself back from entering the bright casinos. The offers made by the casinos are awesome. Luck would favor you that have made you have a trip to heaven. I can’t go without having a big jar of bear every day. I didn’t have to look for a long time to find a beautiful bar. I happened to see different guys from different parts of the world. Every one sounded felicitated. The life sounds to be flying in all the rainbow colors. Believe me, there is a lot more to surprise you there. So just get up and go for booking the tickets for the most pleasant vacations ever.

Living Above The Celebrity Culture

Most people are both messengers and victims of a celebrity culture that defines the spirit of this age. People envy the fame and money of celebrities and imitate them as role models. Fans today worship celebrities until they become parodies of themselves, and then the media turns them into cartoon characters. In reality, many celebrities live emotionally and spiritually destructive lives. With 24/7 media coverage and the need for young people to have role models, the celebrity lifestyle of glamour and thrills seems attractive to many. This dysfunctional view of life leads to dangerous behaviour. In spite of public emotional meltdowns, drug addiction and broken relationships, millions of young people still see celebrities as quintessential images of the good life. So many people today are led to believe that those moving images and glossy, airbrushed pictures that we see of them reflect success and happiness.

As a result of this ugly development, people throughout the society have become so in love with themselves that they are losing the ability to love others. The Bible however, helps us to navigate the traps of the dysfunctional celebrity culture. The exemplary lifestyle of the tribal men of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh tells us that:

– there is a Creator, God, whose standards are worth following
– God loves us and has a purpose for our lives
– The problems in life are a result of people not living the way God intended them to live.
– There is real good and evil, and there are terrible consequences for choosing evil, and
– Jesus Christ is the Saviour who died for our sins and helps us to live as God directs.

The word which Moses commanded these tribes in Joshua 1:12-18, refers to the agreement he reached with the eastern side of Jordan (Joshua 1:14-15; Deut. 3:16-20). It is an agreement to remain in faith, to maintain purity, to get to spiritual height and to get to heaven at last (see Rom. 14:13; 1 Cor. 8:7-13; Gal. 6:2-7). Actions and activities that cause offense should be avoided; we are to love one another (1 John 3:11-18). We must also be conscious of the fact that our actions in life, even in the place we are now, do not only affect us but others around, so every true believer in Christ should deliberately and carefully live his or her life to help others achieve heaven (Josh. 1:15; 7:1-4). As Joshua addressed these tribes, we are being addressed today not to go to rest until those taken captive by Satan are recovered and delivered (Jude 23; 2 Tim. 2:26).

To become the celebrities that God expects of us, we must willingly accept and practically demonstrate all the instructions of God and be ready to go anywhere with Him. Being a celebrity accepted by God is to show a high degree of obedience, submission and willingness to do God’s work. It is resolving to put to death the ugly acts of rebellion and insubordination, and finally killing the symptoms of our present day celebrity culture such as excessive fascination with worldly celebrities, obsession with wanting to dress or model the behaviour of a worldly celebrity, hyper-sexuality, dangerous behaviours like drug or alcohol abuse, and acting out wrong behaviours on the Internet.

Real success is rooted in a strong sense of identity as a child of God and living by His rules of life. Are you in any way in the business of celebrating evil rather than good? Now is the time to ask God to come into your life and forgive you for living a way based on a wrong viewpoint of how life works. Jesus is the way to good life and His teachings are there to show us the real, eternal ways to happiness and success. If you are one of His, then you are a CELEBRITY per excellence!