The Soft Tip Dart That Will Settle The Dispute – Bully

The Bully soft tip dart is one dart that can really dish out the punishment to any adversary who tries to push you around on the dart board. The Bully soft tip dart is suitable for the seasoned master or the new kid on the block. Regardless of which category you fall into this hardy dart will assist in giving you the upper hand next time you step up to the hockey. It is a heavier dart that will give you remarkable control along with solid hits. The Bully is precision weighted for greater accuracy and exemplary handling. The Bully is available in three weights and has an impressive grip for terrific accuracy. With three weights to select from you are sure to find the perfect combination that will be compatible with your style of grip and your technique. When it all comes together you will have that intimidating dart in your collection you can go to when you are looking to pulverise a competitor on the dart board.

The Bully features aluminum colormaster shafts that provide the ideal spacing between the flight and the barrel. The shorter the shaft you choose is the more stable your throw is going to be. The Bully is made of 80% tungsten barrels and features the heaviest knurling in the Viper dart line. All three weights feature a barrel with three extra heavy knurled rings followed by precision grooves that awards the player with a supreme grip. With the barrel being made of tungsten it can offer a much slimmer dart that will yield closer groupings. Those closer groupings will sure payoff as you rack up the points when you are mauling an adversary who has come to cause discord for you on the dart board. One should choose the barrel of a dart that best matches their style of grip and throw. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the grip and that it provides an effortless release with optimum control.

The Bully is offered in three weights 16, 18 and 20 grams, one is sure to match your manner of play and style of throw. This dart comes with durable 2ba tips for less bounce out on today’s electronic dart boards. The flights are 2-D Glitter flights. You should consider a slimmer flight for the lighter soft tip darts. It is best to try different shaped flights to find out what type would benefit you the most and compliment your style of play. How fast a player throws will also help to determine what style of flight will aid them the most. You will want all the parts of your dart to be just right when you are doling out a good beat down on the dart board. The set of Bully darts comes with three darts, extra set of flights, nylon shafts, flight protectors, tips and a dart wrench. The Bully soft tip tungsten dart is a terrific dart and will help in elevating your game to the next level.