Devon: The Perfect Destination for Family Vacations

Devon is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy their holiday is peace. It is one of those few places on earth where commercialization has not yet taken a toll on the natural beauty. It is largely preferred by those who are recuperating from illness or who want to relax and rejuvenate their mind and body. Devon is famous for its moors and parts of it still resemble the quaint country life that you have read about in old English classic books. The weather is fine for most of the year, and along with the natural beauty, it still has all the modern amenities, but without the bustle of city life.

Food: As far as the food is concerned, Devon is one of the traditional towns of Britain and here you can taste some of the best recipes of Old England. And more than five star restaurants, you will find small shacks and cafes making these delicacies. Kingsbridge and Dartmouth are places to be in if you are looking for traditional food, and you can be sure about remembering their taste for the rest of your lives.

Entertainment: Devon is place where the entertainment is not just about lavish and expensive games played under harsh neon lights, nor does it has anything to do with the loud music and rowdy crowds of nightclubs. Instead, go sailing on the waves, and you can even take lessons if you do not already know. You can lie down for hours on the pristine sandy beaches with not a care in the world, or on the other hand, if you want some serious exercise, then take a walk round the Coast Path.

For the children, there is the Miniature Animal Farm in Dartmouth and Becky Falls Woodland Park. These are a favorite with all tourists and instead of play ride on artificial animals like in other entertainment parks, children get to see and feed real animals here. The adult go canoeing or for a little adventure in River Dart Adventures.

If you are visiting with your partner, then there can be nothing better than taking a long, romantic walk on the moonlit beach. The beaches of Devon are more secluded than other beaches so it is perfect retreat for most couples. The children can enjoy themselves on the playrooms of the exquisitely furnished hotels, complete with childcare facilities. In all, you have all the ingredients for a perfect family holiday.

Next time you are planning an outing, for a weekend or for an entire holiday, be sure to check out Devon. It might not have the glamour of big cities, but that is where its uniqueness lies, in its simplicity.