Plan Ahead For Restaurant Dieting

Eating out at a restaurant doesn’t have to be a detour away from your weight loss goals. Restaurant dieting is possible if you do a little preparation ahead of time.

Look It Up

If there are any restaurants that you frequent often, look them up on the internet before you go next time. Restaurant dieting is easier when you know how many calories or other nutrients of concern to you are in the foods you must choose from. It’s a good idea to write down two or three of your best options from each of these restaurants so next time you must attempt restaurant dieting there you know what you can choose to stay on plan.

Close the Menu

If you have done your homework for healthy restaurant dieting and have your list of the best healthy choices, you have no need to look at the menu. You already know the best options for your restaurant dieting needs, so why tempt yourself by looking at the other meals being offered? You are more likely to succeed at restaurant dieting if you determine what to order ahead of time and do not even open the menu.

Watch Extra Calories

A lot of restaurant dieting is ruined without even being noticed due to extra calories you may not realize you are taking in. Sauces and mayonnaise are often added onto sandwiches and dips are served with items such as chicken strips. A lot of restaurants bring rolls or other appetizers to the table free of charge and it is easy to nibble on these while lost in conversation and not realize how many extra calories you are consuming. If you have done your homework you will know if you need to order your sandwich without a sauce or slide the rolls away from you to limit temptation.