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Internet Marketing For Travel Professionals – A Complete Guide

The impact of the internet on human life is visible at every turn. More people turn to the internet each day seeking answers to a host of questions related to every known subject in the book. In this article on internet marketing for travel professionals the central aim is to show readers the importance of becoming techno-savvy and using internet marketing to reach your target audience.

Internet marketing is a huge field and knowing where to begin can be quite an uphill task. To help you get started you need to become aware of the questions requiring answers before we proceed any further with this article.

– Have you got an ever increasing client database with email addresses of clients? Do you constantly update, weed out deadwood and add new names to the database?

– Do you actively use lead generation techniques to help develop the database?

– Are you in the habit of passing on to clients without delay the many travel deals you receive on a daily basis?

– Are you spreading the word on travel deals among family and friends as well? Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful mediums of advertising.

– Are you in the habit of posting the best travel deals and vacation packages on offer on free ‘travel only’ classified sites?

– Does your website follow the design guidelines to attract and hold a customer’s attention?

– Do you use linkbacks and other methods to optimize search engine optimization?

– Do you make it a practice to constantly make price comparisons with the competition to see which deals on offer are the best?

– Do you have an easy to read and navigate site filled with the kind of information that attracts readers who may be potential customers?

What travel agents need to bear in mind is that when a customer is doing an internet search for online travel deals, they usually compare up to a maximum of the top 5 deals to get the best prices. This stems from the constant rush we are in to cram an unbelievable amount of things into a limited time period. In other words make sure your site is search engine optimized to feature constantly in the top 5 search results. In this way customers are sure to click on the link to your site.

Internet marketing is not only about bringing visitors to your site; it is taking them to the next level as well. Once a potential customer lands on your site, you need to ask yourself what happens next. Make sure your site is very easy to navigate, people are impatient and always in a rush. KISS is the acronym for keep it simple, it is one of the best policies you can ever adopt when planning your internet marketing strategies.

To close out this article – one of the top techniques for internet marketing for travel professionals is the use of Video; it is a very powerful medium and one that is becoming more popular as one of the top rated.Research has shown that people prefer to watch a video rather than read text. This method is ideally suited to the travel industry as well.